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The Jonas Brothers Infiltrate Your ’90s Childhood, Visit Kel Mitchell at Good Burger

the Jonas Brothers and Kel Mitchell in his Good Burger uniform
The JoBros retcon themselves upon your memories of the ’90s with Kel Mitchell on the Good Burger set Nickelodeon

The Jonas Brothers are out to invade your childhood memories, appearing alongside Kel Mitchell at Good Burger for the premiere of All That, a reboot of the ’90s sketch comedy show on Nickelodeon. Once so popular as to spawn a fairly successful 1997 feature film, Good Burger is a sketch that many millennials recall as funny. Now, Kel Mitchell is once again donning the Good Burger uniform on Nickelodeon. Now, with All That’s 2019 revival and SNL cast member and All That alum Kenan Thompson at the helm as executive producer, Good Burger will be making its triumphant return to the channel. And if the clip released ahead of the Saturday premiere is any indication, everything is pretty much how you remember it, silly jokes and all.* Except now the Jonas Brothers are here! Or were they always there?

Thankfully (?), the reboot also dug up former cast members Josh Server and Lori Beth Denberg from the recesses of your childhood memories. Server is perhaps best remembered for his character “Earboy,” a high school student forever scheming to become popular in spite of his hilariously large ears, and Denberg for her portrayal of a loud librarian named Ms. Hushbaum and as the anchor for “Vital Information,” All That’s kid-friendly answer to SNL’s “Weekend Update.” I have to admit that it is a little surreal to see these cast members return to the stage as time-ravaged adults, especially after being suspended as teenagers in my memory for nearly 25 years. It really makes you think about the brief nature of life and the unforgiving pace of time. Hopefully the reboot brings back another one of Kel’s characters, Coach Kreeton, for the rapidly aging millennial audience.

In any case, the reboot of All That premieres Saturday, June 15, and will feature the Jonas Brothers performing their newest single, “Sucker.” With any luck, the show will be burned into its audience’s memories until well into adulthood.

Correction: An earlier version of this post misstated All That’s premiere date. It is Saturday, June 15, not Friday, June 14.