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Trevor Noah Isn’t Impressed By Trump’s Nickname for Joe Biden

Since launching his campaign last week, Joe Biden has already gained ground with a tidal wave of media attention and a major speech in Pittsburgh. But another sign of the former Vice President’s growing popularity, as The Daily Show host Trevor Noah noted, is that he’s been graced with that most vile of distinctions: the Trumpian nickname.

“Sleepy Joe,” as Trump has been calling Biden—while also seeking him out for a fisticuffs—brings to mind a sluggish man losing his wits, and it doesn’t help that Biden’s first rally was filled with verbal stumbles, such as substituting “hudge fund” for “hedge fund.” Of course, flubs are inevitable for speechmakers, and nobody’s better at spinning them than Trump. “When he makes a mistake, he doesn’t let it trip him up. He just creates a new reality and plows right through,” Noah said. As for the jeering new nickname: Calling someone sleepy is a sort of “weird slam,” but it’s bound to make for some pretty hilarious attack ad ammo.