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The Trailer for the Next Star Trek Show Is Mostly Just Picard Chilling in a Vineyard

And you thought Thanos’ retirement plan looked cozy. Another Star Trek show is joining the prequel series Discovery on CBS All Access, but this one will, refreshingly, look to the future for a change. Though Picard stars Patrick Stewart as the former Next Generation captain—now a former admiral—a new teaser shows us less of the man himself than it does of his family vineyard. Shots of fields and vines and bottles of Chateau Picard wine are accompanied by a voice-over that suggests that after the “unimaginable” happened 15 years ago, Jean-Luc Picard retired from the job.

“Why did you leave Starfleet, admiral?” this narrator asks. The answer seems pretty obvious to me: to chill out in France and enjoy some fresh air where there are no space battles, hostile aliens, or uncomfortable uniforms to tug on. OK, so the reason for Picard’s retirement is probably a little more complicated than that, but until the show airs, we can only sit back and hope that Picard comes with a Star Trek–branded wine à la Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s pinot noir.