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John Oliver Tries to Make Carbon Pricing As Thrilling As a Stray Coffee Cup on Game of Thrones

John Oliver mentions quite a few environmentally minded policies in Sunday’s Last Week Tonight segment about the Green New Deal, including building better nuclear power plants, developing lab-grown meat, and upping public transportation usage. “I could talk about all of those, but it would take me all night, and I know that you want to watch the rerun of Game of Thrones so you can see what garbage from craft services they’ve hidden as an Easter egg this week,” he joked.

Instead, Oliver settles on just one concept to explain in depth: carbon pricing. In case that doesn’t sound particularly gripping, guest Bill Nye adds a bit of razzle-dazzle to the presentation with a Mentos rocket and a blowtorch. Oliver then sweetens the deal by talking about the difference between a cow fart and a cow belch, and why that matters. And if that still doesn’t hold your attention, Oliver even stops in the middle of the segment to compare climate change to the tragic backstory of a mysterious late-night host with a funny accent:

At a certain point, your problems get so big that you have no choice but to do something drastic. Sometimes you get in too deep. Sometimes you make a young man’s mistake, like falling in love with the beautiful wife of a mafioso. He puts a price on your head. She swears she’ll leave him for you, but you can’t do that, you can’t make her live the life of a fugitive, so you fake your own death in a falafel cart collision and sail to America to start things fresh. You tell everyone there that you were a comedian in England.

Despite your ridiculous cartoon accent and no one in England having ever heard of you, no one really questions it. It’s kind of a life, I suppose, eking out a living reading off stats and jokes once a week on premium cable, but not a night goes by that you don’t dream of the white Sardinian sands and the soft lips of Isabella.

To summarize: Mentos rocket! Cow farts! Tragic backstory! Globe on fire!