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The Honest Trailer for Speed Explains the Movie’s Dizzyingly Convoluted Premise

Bus go. Bus go fast. Bus go fast or else explode!!!

There, now you understand the premise of Speed, the 1994 action blockbuster about a Los Angeles police officer who must save an explosives-rigged bus full of passengers by keeping the speed above 50 mph. It’s not that complicated, but as a new Honest Trailer notes, the movie can’t help repeating the rules over and over again. “It’s called Speed,” says the narrator. “We get it, OK?”

In between jabs about the movie’s ’90s setting, the unpleasantness of bus travel, and Keanu Reeves’ lack of chemistry with costar Sandra Bullock, the Honest Trailer correctly identifies what makes Speed so fun to watch. It’s “three action scenes, stacked on top of each other, under a trench coat, pretending to be a movie.”