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Game of Thrones Finale Caps Off Series Gaffes With Two (!) Plastic Water Bottles

A screenshot of thirsty actors in The Iron Throne.
A screenshot of thirsty actors in The Iron Throne. Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by HBO.

Of all the ridiculous surprise appearances in Game of Thrones’ finale—Robin Arryn’s glow-up, an actual tome called A Song of Ice and Fire, a very melty throne, Jon Snow’s dagger in Daenerys’ heart—perhaps the most disturbing was the not one but two real-world water bottles that somehow wormed their way into Westeros. For the second time this season, the show’s personnel failed to notice actors’ real-world beverages, which show up in the finale at around 46 and 49 minutes, peeking out from behind Sam and Davos’ feet during the fateful lords and ladies gathering.

Actors in Game of Thrones' finale with a plastic water bottle visible at their feet.
Another one. Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by HBO.

The water bottles follow in the wake of the illustrious coffee cup gaffe of Episode 4, which HBO subsequently edited out of its footage. We expect the same fate to befall this newest production blunder. Or perhaps the water bottles were a clever decoy, designed to distract viewers from David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’ terrible plot decisions. Or perhaps it was just Samwell Tarly getting a head start on Tyrion’s idea that “clean water leads to a healthy population.”* We never got the Prince Who Was Promised, but maybe King’s Landing can make do with a few cases of Poland Spring.

Correction, May 20, 2019: This post originally misspelled Samwell Tarly’s last name.