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Bran Stark Helps Game of Thrones Hotline Callers Find Their Keys (and Predicts Their Deaths)

Now that the eighth season of Game of Thrones is underway, Jimmy Kimmel Live’s fake hotline for puzzled fans is more useful than ever. You may recall that thanks to “a small but diabolical clause in their HBO contract,” cast members on the show are manning the phones to answer questions. This time those questions range from what Kit Harington smells like to why Gandalf chose Bilbo Baggins to accompany Thorin. (Some of the callers may be a tad confused.)

Isaac Hempstead Wright gets into character as Bran Stark to help one fan locate her keys—and tell her how she’s going to die. Kudos to the set designer who included little Easter eggs for each actor’s cubicle; Bran’s includes the prominently placed “Raven Bran” cereal but also a framed photo of Hodor. If only that attention to detail extended to the fake phone number, which plays a generic automated message.