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Elizabeth Warren: Sansa Should’ve Leaned In

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, wearing a red blazer and holding one arm aloft, speaks onstage during a campaign town hall.
Warren expounding on why Sansa should’ve ended up on the Iron Throne, probably. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has officially changed her allegiances. In a minute-long clip uploaded to Twitter, Warren, along with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discuss the divisive Game of Thrones series finale—and it’s fair to say they weren’t pleased. “I’m really disappointed about it,” Ocasio-Cortez said. Warren, the preeminent Game of Thrones blogger, agreed: “I was just really…meh.”

At the heart of their discontent was the much-discussed heel turn of one Daenerys Targaryen.
Ocasio-Cortez complained that she felt as if we were all so close to the show “ending with just women running the world,” only for the last two episodes to cast Daenerys off as “too emotional.” Warren, who in April wrote that Dany had been her “favorite from the first moment she walked through fire,” even said that by the end she was ready for a heel turn of her own, this time to Team Sansa. But even the relatively decent end of Sansa’s story arc wasn’t enough to satisfy Warren, who wanted the Queen of the North to aim higher. “Sansa, who already is Queen of the North, thank you very much, she walks away saying, ‘And I’ll still be Queen of the North.’ Come on Sansa, go for the big one!”

Technically Sansa, before her official crowning in the final minutes of the show, was warden of the North, but Warren’s point remains of the same: Sansa should have leaned in. But isn’t leaning in to the power-hungry trap of striving for the Iron Throne what ultimately precipitated the death of Cersei—Warren’s cautionary tale—and then Dany? Sure, the show could’ve used some more “feminist analysis,” as Ocasio-Cortez suggests. It certainly could’ve used more women in the writing room. But really, in their disappointment at how Dany’s storyline ended, Warren and Ocasio-Cortez both glossed over what is easily the most empowering moment of the entire finale. It’s not the North’s secession. The moment we should all aspire to came when Edmure Tully started his speech about being king and my good sis did what every woman everywhere wants to do all the time: told a full-of-himself man to sit down and shut up.