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Trevor Noah Thinks Maybe Donald Trump Shouldn’t Team Up With Kim Jong-un

Trevor Noah in front of a photo of Trump and Shinzō Abe, captioned "Eastbound and Don."
Things are going great!
Comedy Central

At least once a week, Donald Trump does something so flamboyantly awful that the entire nation has a moment of shock at the realization that, yes, Donald Trump is still the President of the United States of America. Memorial Day weekend was no exception, as Trump chortled over North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s assessment of Joe Biden’s intelligence. It’s no surprise that Trump would side with Kim—obviously he would, out of authoritarian professional courtesy if nothing else—but it’s surprising all over again that we’ve put Donald Trump in a position where it matters what he thinks about Kim Jong-un. Trevor Noah does the necessary double-take for The Daily Show:

First of all, the final photoshop of Donald Trump in a sumo outfit is on screen for exactly 13 frames, making this the most cursed Daily Show clip ever produced. Show it to someone else within seven days or you will be visited by Sumo Trump. Second, it’s rare that Trevor Noah’s reaction to a Trump clip is just “Holy shit,” but what else can you say about this image?

A frame from CNN's coverage of the news conference Shinzō Abe & Donald Trump held in Japan, as seen on The Daily Show.
Comedy Central/CNN

That’s Japanese prime minister Shinzō Abe in front of a bunch of Japanese flags and extravagant tapestries in what looks like some kind of official setting, so far so normal. But the presence of American flags indicates some sort of U.S. presence at this news conference, while the CNN logo must mean that whatever is happening is important to Americans, too, and oh my God, is that Donald Trump behind the other podium? The guy from Doonesbury and that horrible board game? Who on earth would want that jackass to serve as any kind of official representative for our country? Then you remember where and when you are all at once, and it washes over you like untreated sewage. Holy shit.