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Miley Cyrus Is a Purple-Haired Pop Star in Black Mirror’s New Season Trailer

Put down your phones, VR simulators, and creepy robot dolls. Black Mirror is coming back next month with, a new trailer reveals, just three new stories to add to the growing genre of Technology Is Weird and Scary. One of them stars Miley Cyrus as a purple-haired pop star, who appears to be replicated in a tiny, Echo-like robot product. We also have a maybe-adulterous Anthony Mackie, an extremely fidgety Andrew Scott, and a quick glimpse of Topher Grace looking very Zen.

True to form, the sci-fi anthology series is withholding details like episode titles and lengths, but we do know that Season 5 will be Black Mirror’s shortest in a while if “three stories” also means “three episodes.” (Update, May 16, 2019: It does mean three episodes.) It will also arrive just half a year after the interactive film Bandersnatch, in which viewers could steer the story. The new season drops on Netflix on June 5, and it’s shaping up to be a buzzy one—like, literally, given the trailer opens with a cacophony of buzzing smartphones.