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Trump’s Anti-Windmill Crusade Has Been Going on Longer Than You’d Expect

Donald Trump publicly starting a feud is nothing new—let’s not forget his attack on the “overrated” Meryl Streep—but this week, the president revealed a surprising enemy. “Donald Quixote over here is in a war with windmills,” explained The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who dedicated a segment to investigating Trump’s decadelong campaign against the renewable energy source.

Over the years, Trump has made some wild windmill claims, a less convincing one being how they might cause your television to turn off on a less breezy day. “Does Trump not know what a battery is?” Noah wondered. This week, though, Trump has taken his anti-windmill crusade a step further, declaring that the turbines’ noise contributes to cancer. But as Noah shows, Trump’s windmill worries actually stem from selfish, less-than-scientific motives. Who could’ve guessed.