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Trevor Noah Weighs Warren’s Policies Against Buttigieg’s Charm at Democratic Town Halls

CNN held a series of back-to-back town halls in New Hampshire on Monday in which Democratic candidates talked policy, Donald Trump, and in Elizabeth Warren’s case, cents. The Massachusetts senator who, per Daily Show host Trevor Noah, has been “releasing policies faster than Netflix releases documentaries about serial killers,” had quite a few thoroughly-researched ideas to share, such as her plan to impose a new tax on ultra-millionaires.

The wealth tax, Warren explained, would shave 2 cents off of every dollar on fortunes over $50 million. The money would go toward universal child care, pre-K, and college, as well as cutting down student loan debt. “That’s a lot of great proposals for one tax,” Noah said, pointing out that, by framing the tax in terms of cents instead of percentages, Warren makes it sound way more reasonable.

Noah also highlighted the suave conversational style of fast-rising candidate Pete Buttigieg, who at the town hall largely dodged CNN’s policy questions in favor of just seeming like a nice guy. “You know what he reminds me of? That kid in school who always got good grades without reading any of the books,” Noah said. “Running for president as a man is so much more fun, because as a woman, you have to bring extra homework,” he added. “But a dude can just come and be like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna wing it.’ ”