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Saturday Night Live Meticulously Recreated a 1985 Music Video From Klymaxx for No Apparent Reason

A split image showing still frames from "Meeting in the Ladies Room" and Saturday Night Live's version.
Is it real, or was it all a wonderful dream? Klymaxx / NBC

Say what you will about Saturday Night Live, no one can deny that the current cast and crew have exquisite taste in pop culture detritus. In December, Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett restaged an entire episode of Full House, and last spring, the show aired a painstaking parody of Oran “Juice” Jones’ creepy video for “The Rain.” And this week, for no apparent reason, SNL meticulously recreated the music video for “Meeting in the Ladies Room,” a truly bizarre single with an even more bizarre music video. Here’s the original, which you will not believe is real but very much is real:

Again, that was an actual music video that aired on actual television. (For confirmation that this is a real thing from the 1980s and not a hoax created by Saturday Night Live to justify filming their own version, consult the full page ad on page 9 of the “Friday” section of the Chicago Tribune of May 10, 1985, in which you will find Meeting in the Ladies Room listed as a “Downtown Records Cash Saver.”) Not only was this a real song, it was really on the soundtrack to a real movie, 1985’s Secret Admirer, featuring 2019 supervillain Lori Loughlin:

Naturally, there was nothing for Saturday Night Live to do but have the cast and this week’s host Emma Stone faithfully recreate the music video, complete with the amazing “LADIE’S ROOM” neon sign.

OK, so the ending isn’t exactly how the original video played out, but Saturday Night Live has still done something invaluable here: They’ve reminded Americans that we belong to a proud culture that, at our civilization’s height, was capable of producing masterpieces like the “Meeting in the Ladies Room” video by Klymaxx. We owe it to the memory of our noble ancestors to create art today that, although it seems unremarkable to us now, will be just as hilarious in 2053 as “Meeting in the Ladies Room” is in 2019. If we don’t, Season 78 of Saturday Night Live is going to be a real drag.