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Jason Sudeikis Returns to Saturday Night Live to Send Joe Biden to Sensitivity Training

Kate McKinnon grimaces as Jason Sudeikis, as Joe Biden, holds her shoulders and rubs his nose against hers in this still from Saturday Night Live.

In what veteran political observers are calling “the worst news for Joe Biden’s presidential hopes since people figured out he was that Joe Biden,” Saturday Night Live dedicated the entire cold open to the former Vice President’s habit of not respecting women’s personal space.
That’s after a week in which Donald Trump did so many hilariously stupid things it required a bulleted list, from claiming that the noise from wind turbines causes cancer to telling the world he plans to nominate Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve Board. Maybe Alec Baldwin wasn’t available this week, maybe Kenan Thompson didn’t want to reprise his role as Cain, but whatever the extenuating circumstances, the writers at SNL looked at seven days’ worth of primo, Grade A American garbage and concluded that Joe Biden was not just ridiculous, but cold open ridiculous, so much so that they got Jason Sudeikis to come back to play him. I’m not saying that Saturday Night Live should be the only factor to consider when deciding how to vote in the Democratic primaries—I’m just saying I don’t remember the last time Elizabeth Warren was the subject of an entire SNL cold open:

Sudeikis’ Biden is always funny, even in a not-great sketch, and although this is definitely a not-great sketch, it has a few flashes of the ol’ Biden magic. The ex-veep’s attempt to shimmy his way through sensitivity training to the strains of Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine” is gold, and of the two (!) sketches this week that included jokes about Leslie Jones sticking her fingers up someone’s butt, this was definitely funnier than the one set in a colorectal health clinic. But the best thing in the sketch seems to have been the work of someone in the art department rather than any of the cast members. Check out the photo on the wall:

Jason Sudeikis, as Joe Biden, stands in front of a Photoshopped photo of Obama putting a medal around Sudeikis' neck as Sudeikis grins like a moron.
That’s the Joe Biden we know and love.

If Biden can convince that Saturday Night Live prop photo of Jason Sudeikis grinning like an idiot to campaign in his place, he’ll be the first president to win unanimously.