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Seth Meyers: No Matter What the Mueller Report Reveals, Betsy DeVos Is Awful

Seth Meyers at an anchor desk, in front of a picture of Betsy DeVos.
The best people. NBC

The great thing about Seth Meyers is his uncommon willingness to point out that the Trump administration is not just a carnival of garish monsters doing horrible things to the world—although, my God, what a carnival!—but a window for the rest of us into the indefensible, despicable ways powerful and wealthy people amass and protect wealth and power. Compare the “Disappointing, but maybe the full Mueller Report still has as yet undisclosed secret information that will somehow convince people to throw Trump out of office,” takes on the Barr memo with Meyers’ point: When you kick over a rock and find a billion worms, it doesn’t matter whether or not you begin impeachment proceedings against any worm in particular, because you’ve got a worm problem:

It shouldn’t take a Special Counsel for us to find out that some of the most powerful people in the country are hoarding their wealth by committing serial fraud and illegally stashing their money in offshore tax havens. Even if nothing else came out of the Russia investigation, people are learning how wealth and power operate in America. I mean this guy right here [Paul Manafort] was the president’s campaign chairman. The only way it could be worse is if Trump made Lori Laughlin his Secretary of Education. And I, of course, am just kidding: Betsy DeVos is still worse.

Yes, Meyers goes on to talk about DeVos’ failed attempt to cut funding to the Special Olympics, and yes, he makes the important point that DeVos’ unfathomable wealth means she has no frame of reference whatsoever for what she is doing to other people. This is a woman who employs a “yacht scheduler.”

We need a tax code that ensures that no one ever hires a “yacht scheduler” again, and we need it yesterday. It will be a long and expensive process to retrain the nation’s yacht schedulers and prepare them for the careers of tomorrow, but it’s the only way to move the country forward. If only we could win over Trump’s diehard supporters in yacht scheduler country!