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Samantha Bee Parodies Riverdale to Fight Anti-Vaccination Hysteria

In promising news for the anti-anti-vaccination movement, major media companies have begun to bolster their defenses against misinformation: Amazon has removed anti-vaccine films, Pinterest started limiting search results, and Facebook is making an effort to suppress inaccurate articles. Even so, the problem is so pervasive that bygone diseases like measles are seeing a resurgence. “Who are you going to believe, leading authorities on medical science or 800 memes on your cousin’s Facebook page?” asked Full Frontal host Samantha Bee.

Bee spotlighted another key in the fight against misinformation: teens who are getting vaccinated against their parents’ will. On the show, Bee met with one such teen to discuss his inspiring story of teen rebellion—so inspiring, in fact, that Bee decided to enact a mini high school scene of her own. Meet teen cheerleader Sam, who learns a valuable lesson about vaccines from Archie. Just another day in the dramatic world of Full Fronterdale.