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Russell Crowe Transforms Into Roger Ailes in the Teaser for Showtime’s The Loudest Voice

Russell Crowe, made up to look like Roger Ailes.
12 hours in makeup and he still doesn’t look terrible enough.

If we ever repair the damage former Fox News head Roger Ailes did to the United States, it will be decades from now, after time and actuarial tables slowly sweep the people whose minds he poisoned off the board. There’s some consolation in the fact that a man who made the world so much worse spent the last year of his life in disgrace, but that was a fate Ailes earned through his years of sexual misconduct in the workplace; it didn’t really address what the workplace he ran was designed to accomplish, or any of the work he spent his life doing. In some parts of the world, when someone who did well by doing bad dies, their statues get torn down, but Ailes doesn’t have any—and even if he did, we still haven’t managed to tear down the statues of people who lost a war fought to preserve slavery more than a century ago, so that’s not a promising avenue to pursue. Truth and reconciliation commissions aren’t really our thing either, nor are reparations, nor are repairs. But there’s one thing we do better than any other country: produce biopics in which A-listers dramatically transform their appearance to look just as terrible as the world’s greatest villains. Showtime released a teaser for their upcoming series The Loudest Voice on Tuesday, and it looks like it fits squarely in the tradition of wrecking-ball biopics of terrible presidents like Vice, Nixon, and Bedtime for Bonzo. Please enjoy everything they had to do to Russell Crowe’s face before he began to resemble Roger Ailes:

The Loudest Voice, a limited series adaptation of Gabriel Sherman’s Ailes biography The Loudest Voice in the Room, will premiere on Showtime on June 30 and run for eight episodes. Ailes’ awful legacy is scheduled to run considerably longer.