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John Oliver Recaps the Juiciest, Most Profane Bits From the Mueller Report

Don’t let William Barr recap the Twilight books, John Oliver argued on Sunday night, because the attorney general is bound to forget about the most important parts, like when “a dog-man falls in love with a baby.” While he hasn’t yet tackled Stephenie Meyer, Barr did put his own spin on the Mueller report in a press conference on Thursday, and his summary contained some telling discrepancies when compared to the (still heavily redacted) document itself.

Fortunately, Last Week Tonight is willing to do what Barr wouldn’t, taking an in-depth look at the report and reveling in its most ridiculous and profane moments, like Trump’s “I’m fucked” reaction to Mueller or the White House counsel telling Reince Priebus that the president asked him to “do crazy shit.” For all that Oliver is having fun, he explained why it’s better to have everything, even troubling signs of corruption, out in the open. “I’m not saying any of that is good news,” he said. “But it is definitely good that we know about it.”