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The New Detective Pikachu Trailer Is Snark-Free and Unexpectedly Poignant

If you’re waiting for the punchline at the end of the new trailer for Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, you’ll be waiting a long time. Whereas a previous trailer for the movie featured jokes about electrocuting butts and how Mr. Mime is, well, a mime, the latest promotional video is 100 percent snark-free. Instead, it’s composed of loving shots of CGI Squirtles, Aipoms, Bulbasaurs, and more, all set to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”* It’s so unexpectedly moving that you may want to bring some tissues with you when the movie opens in theaters in the U.S. on May 10.

Detective Pikachu will see an extraordinary talking Pikachu team up with Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) to find his missing father. Maybe it’s because Ryan Reynolds, who voices the fuzzy little monster, famously also plays wisecracking superhero Deadpool, but it’s almost jarring that there’s no quip at the end of the trailer to break the spell. Instead, he tells Tim, “If your dad was here, he would hug you so hard your bones would pop.” Are you crying, or is that just a Rainy Castform in your eye?

Correction, April 23, 2019: This post originally misspelled Aipom.