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The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Has the Only Marvel Cinematic Universe Recap You Need

Roy Wood Jr. on a red carpet, smiling.
Roy Wood Jr. at SXSW, no doubt thinking to himself, “If I shoot my Marvel recap vertically, they’ll have to either Photoshop up a triptych or use a red carpet picture for the promo image.” Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. is one of the funniest people on the planet, which means his recap and review of every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is worth watching even though it doesn’t include Robert Downey Jr. and Brie Larson gamely singing a Marvel-themed version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Wait, that came out wrong: his recap is worth watching precisely because it doesn’t include a Marvel-themed version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

Besides Wood’s complete lack of interest in the Thor saga, the highlight is probably the many ways he mangles Benedict Cumberbatch’s name:

• Benedict Cumbernatch
• Billy Bilbo Cumbermatch
• Benny-Ass Cumberson
• Bilbo Bab Boberson
• Billy-Ass Cumbersome

SAG-AFTRA doesn’t let you check in advance to see if a name is available for an actor to use professionally, so there is no way to find out if you can perform in movies under the name “Bilbo Bab Boberson” without making a sincere attempt to establish “Bilbo Bab Boberson” as your professional name. I’m not saying that being credited in future SAG-AFTRA productions as “Bilbo Bab Boberson” is a surefire path to success. I’m just saying that it would be extremely difficult for a casting director to pass up the opportunity to meet with anyone who claimed their name was “Bilbo Bab Boberson,” and for similar reasons, Americans would have a hard time not buying opening night tickets to any movie that starred someone named “Bilbo Bab Boberson.” The only other option is working hard and improving your craft, and honestly? That sounds waaaaaaaay too Billy-Ass Cumbersome.