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Learn About Australia’s Most Dangerous Animals With Conan O’Brien

A Photoshopped creature with the body of a donkey and the head of a crocodile.
The dreaded crocodonkey.

Conan O’Brien has a new remote special coming to TBS on Wednesday, and this one is about the country so nice that although they only named it once, they used that name for an entire continent: Australia. On Tuesday, he gave his audience a preview of the upcoming show, which features a slightly embarrassed naturalist explaining the anatomy of echidna penises, and a not-embarrassed-at-all Conan running around on an Australian rules football field looking like he just lost a fight with a vampire. But the highlight was a back-and-forth he had about Australia’s deadliest animals with an Australian who just happened to be in the studio audience:

The world needs more comedy that comes from Megan-Amram-style pun brainstorms, and it also needs more comedy in which artists create modern Jackalopes in Photoshop. This sketch has both! Even more importantly, however, it introduces the world to the concept of the kangarooaroo, a kangaroo with a kangaroo for a head. There probably wasn’t time in a single Conan sketch to mention kangarooarooaroos (either a kangarooaroo with a kangaroo for a head or a kangaroo with a kangarooaroo for a head, depending on how you look at it), much less wade into the centuries-long argument between recursive kangarooaroologistologists as to whether or not a kangarooarooarooaroo is best described as a kangaroo with a kangarooarooaroo for a head, a kangarooaroo with a kangarooaroo for a head, a kangarooarooaroo with a kangaroo for a head, or—the most controversial theory of all—an arooarooarooaroo with a kang for a body. Still, even in such a short timeframe, Conan gets his point across: Australia is deadly and terrifying and we are all better off leaving it alone. He’ll explore this theme in more detail Wednesday night at 10 on TBS; please avoid the continent until that time.