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Let’s Do the Time Warp

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the woman who created the Creature from the Black Lagoon but didn’t get credit, and how reading The Metamorphosis created a metamorphosis for one writer.

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Our monsters, ourselves: Why creatures repel us, yet attract us. Our latest American Icons segment is about The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Producer June Thomas reports on how the movie became an audience-participation phenomenon—and gave a sense of belonging to some of those moviegoers who were made to feel like outcasts elsewhere. Kurt Andersen talks with author and filmmaker Mallory O’Meara about her new book The Lady From the Black Lagoon: the story of Milicent Patrick, who designed one of Hollywood’s most famous monsters but didn’t get credit for it. And how author Helen Phillips’ life was changed when she read Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.

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