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Trevor Noah Thinks Beto O’Rourke Should Stop Apologizing

Beto O’Rourke had a rough weekend. After kicking off his presidential campaign last Thursday—and raising a record $6.1 million in the 24 hours that followed—the former Texas congressman spent his next several days on an apology tour for remarks and past writings that some deemed insensitive. But when it comes to the issues in question, including O’Rourke’s assertion that he was “born for” the presidency, there is one person who’s in the Democratic candidate’s corner.


“This is not wokeness, this is insanity,” said The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who dedicated a segment to defending the “handsome scarecrow” politician against moral nitpickers. “’Born for this’ is a figure of speech we all use to indicate we’re ready for something.”

As for other recent revelations about O’Rourke, like that he was once part of a computer hacking group called Cult of the Dead Cow, Noah only sees them as an advantage. “It’s a great way to show that you’re from a more modern generation,” he said. “Most of the other candidates could never have been hackers even if they wanted to. Like what was Bernie going to hack, a telegram?”

And while, as of late, many have expressed concern about O’Rourke’s campaign for larger faults—like his lack of a distinct political ideology—Noah hopes that the public will call it quits on the minor criticisms. At least then O’Rourke would get over his compulsive need to apologize. “Can you imagine if Beto took this attitude into the White House?” he said. “Breaking news: New York City was wiped out, but the president is a woke bae.”