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Saturday Night Live Would Like to Reassure You That This Fast Food Chicken Mascot Will Probably Not Murder Your Children

Kate McKinnon, dressed as a creepy fast food chicken mascot with an uncanny resemblance to internet hoax Momo.
Gather the children to Bok Bok’s! NBC

Saturday Night Live has been knocking it out of the park when it comes to ad parodies lately, and this week’s ad for the fictional, accursed fried chicken chain Bok Bok’s is no exception. If this were a real commercial, it wouldn’t be in the running for a Clio, because it is basically just a laundry list of Bok Bok products: their world-famous chicken supreme snack, their world-famous chicken dinner, and their world-famous mascot Bok Bok, who looks almost exactly like Momo but is probably not trying to murder your children.

The sketch plays to three of the show’s greatest strengths. First, Beck Bennett has a bottomless love for the insincere enthusiasms of mass culture, and absolutely crushes the voiceover. You could learn at least as much about capitalism from his delivery of the phrase “flavorful fixin’!” as you could by reading The Wealth of Nations., which, let’s face it, you’re not gonna do. Second, Kate McKinnon finally gets the opportunity to indulge her passion for grotesque makeup without killing the comedy by playing someone truly horrifying like Jeff Sessions. Most of all, though, “Bok Bok Chicken” represents a long-overdue return to form for producer Lorne Michaels. Although SNL has created some legendary sketch comedy over its decades-long run, the show has always been at its best when it focused on its core mission: twisting the innocent souls of America’s children to wind the Clock of Bones, in hope of summoning the Timekeeper and bringing the Hour of Man to an end at long last. Gather the children to Bok Bok’s!