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Seth Meyers Asks Trump About Ted Bundy in Late Night White House Press Conference

Press conferences with Donald Trump are unpleasant. They’re digressive, combative, and, as Late Night host Seth Meyers points out, often leave us with more questions than answers. To remedy this, Meyers was kind enough to host yet another Late Night White House press conference, in which his team made excellent use of the vast array of bonkers Trump sound bites.

The segment offers answers to many of our most pressing questions for the president, including how Rudy Giuliani’s doing (“at least partially living”), Trump’s cholesterol (“five hundred and six billion, some people think it’s much more than that”), and how Trump’s doctor plans on getting his head out of his ass (“they’re doing it surgically”). Meyers also manages to include a few pop culture references, specifically about the plot of Seinfeld and whether there’s any guy worse than Ted Bundy. (The answer to that one won’t surprise you.)

It isn’t hard to make Trump sound silly out of context; he often sounds sillier in context. But it is a relief to forget all his grim real-life talking points for a moment and just imagine that, when Trump says, “It’s a horror show,” he truly is responding to the question, “How’s your penis?”