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Saturday Night Live Game Show “Can I Play That” Spoofs Twitter Outrage Over Movie Casting

Saturday Night Live took a jab at call-out culture with “Can I Play That?”—a game show that rewards actors for correctly judging whether or not they’re allowed to take on upcoming movie roles. As on Twitter, the rules are trickier than you might think. Deemed an “actor’s least favorite game,” the show starts off with a timely example: whether Will Smith can tackle the part of Venus and Serena’s father, Richard Williams.

“He absolutely cannot, he’s not black enough,” asserts Jackie (Cecily Strong), in a parody of the angry Twitter responses that followed reports of Smith’s casting.

Leaving contestant David (Idris Elba—you know the one, “too street” to play James Bond) reeling with confusion, the conditions grow more absurdly stringent with each round. There’s the stipulation that women can only play POTUS in comedies, not dramas, as well as the fact that, for Lawrence (Beck Bennett), there are really only three roles available: white guy, white guy who gained 50 pounds, or slave owner.

The bit also spoofs the hypocrisy inherent in Twitter’s standards for Hollywood representation, like the fact that Japanese roles are apparently open to any actor who’s “generally Asian.” And don’t forget the evidently boundless career potential of Rami Malek, the only man eligible to assume the diciest role in Hollywood: Michael Jackson’s ghost. We can only guess how Twitter would respond to that performance, set to debut in the new series Haunting Neverland, on Lifetime.