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Samantha Bee Proposes a New Museum for the Sacklers

The Sackler family, the billionaire bloodline behind the OxyContin-producing pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma, may have their names plastered across museum wings from the Guggenheim to the Louvre, but the family’s massive wealth derives from a less-than-glamorous venture: the production and unethical marketing of opioids. “How do you get to have this many museums name shit after you? By having a fortune of $13 billion which you—whoops!—largely made by creating the opioid crisis,” Full Frontal host Samantha Bee said on Wednesday night.

To add to the Sacklers’ expansive museum reach, Bee’s segment offers the family a brand-new museum, “The Sackler Museum of Stupid Shit the Sacklers Bought With Their Blood Money.” Items include a creepy birthday cake featuring Mortimer Sackler Sr.’s face superimposed on the sphinx, which was served at a party held at the Met.

The Sacklers have long disputed or ignored their culpability in the opioid crisis, but none as persistently as former Purdue Pharma president Richard Sackler, who in Bee’s opinion “wins the fiercely competitive title of Worst Sackler.” After the businessman reportedly complained that a Purdue Google Alert was sending him too much news about the hazards of OxyContin, his staff replaced the alert with more favorable stories. “If you’re watching my video online right now, that’s why the video is titled ‘Richard Sackler Handsome Big Penis Not a Murderer,’ ” said Bee.

Facing an imminent lawsuit, the Sacklers are currently considering bankruptcy to protect the family’s assets, Bee reported. “They need to give every penny of that blood money to addiction treatment,” she said. “So, you pill-pushing aristocrats, save your weirdo cake money and sell your fancy Hamptons homes and give it all to help the countless people you’ve hurt.”

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