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Samantha Bee Spotlights a #MeToo Success Story From Female Animators

It’s been more than a year since #MeToo first rocked the media landscape, and while the movement has found some success, a few of its culprits still appear less than willing to atone for their behavior. But this week, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee spotlights one story of a truly animated triumph: the women who united to oust an alleged sexual harasser in the animation community.

Bee let the group, dubbed by an animated title as “fed-the-FUCK-up female animators,” tell their own story, pairing their interviews with drawings of the scenarios. The segment zeroes in on how the women leveraged the power of a unified front to pressure the Animation Guild into taking action against a man they say is a repeat sexual harasser. During a court hearing within the guild, 11 witnesses spoke. “Their statements were almost identical,” one of the artists recalls. “Like, this person had an MO.”

Ultimately, Chris Savino was found guilty of disloyalty and suspended for a year. The guild also sent a letter to studios notifying them of the verdict. “There’s, like, this sword that’s stuck in the ground, and I’m trying to lift it and I can’t,” says Cheyenne Curtis, the first woman to speak out online against Savino. “And then a bunch of hands come in and they helped, helping me wield that sword.”