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Here Is a Photograph of Robert Mueller That Might Remind You of a Meme

Robert Mueller leaves church, causing another person to turn and stare, in an image that echoes the distracted boyfriend meme.
The special counsel can’t help it if the citizenry stop and stare. Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

There’s a hush that falls over the entire internet in the moment right after someone does something that is inevitably going to spawn a million memes. It doesn’t much matter what the newest development is—a rat eating pizza, a bear eating pizza, Sean Spicer or Sarah Sanders wearing green—the sense of breathless anticipation is the same. So we thought it was important to draw your attention to the photo of Robert Mueller taken by Tasos Katopodis this morning so you could take in the silence. Here’s a wider crop:

Special counsel Robert Mueller walks with his wife Ann Mueller.
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Who knows what phrases will soon be stamped in all-caps Impact Bold over the people in this photograph? “Collusion?” “Russian money laundering?” “Years and years of evidence that Donald Trump is a stupid and evil man, wholly unfit to hold any political office?” That last one probably won’t fit, but one thing is certain: It’s a lot more fun to speculate about memes of the future than the contents of the Mueller Report. You might even say it’s a welcome distraction.