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It Looks Like R. Kelly’s Interview With Gayle King Went Great!

R. Kelly, who has just stood up mid-interview, making an angry gesture at Gayle King, who is seated and looking at him skeptically.
Everything is going fine.
CBS/Gayle King/Instagram

Singer R. Kelly has been having a pretty bad year so far. Since the release of Surviving R. Kelly, a documentary about Kelly sexually abusing black women of all ages for decades, he’s been dropped by his record label, publicly called a monster by his own daughter, estranged from his past collaborators, and charged with 10 counts of sexual assault. But things just might be looking up, because Kelly has given an exclusive interview to Gayle King of CBS This Morning giving his side of the story. The full interview won’t air until Wednesday morning at 7 EST, but CBS Evening News ran a brief preview. Let’s see how it went:

Convincing! King also posted two photographs from the interview, which do even less to make Kelly look sympathetic:

It’s won’t be clear exactly what kind of move R. Kelly was trying to do until the interview airs—and maybe not even then—but whatever he was going for, it sure doesn’t seem like he pulled it off.

Update, March 6, 2019: Watch the interview’s first segment in full below. Another segment will air on CBS on Thursday.

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