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Dog Not Sure What’s Going On, Still Having a Good Time

Remember Gabby, the zippy little dog who stole the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with her dexterity and speed in February? This is not Gabby. This is Kratu, a Romanian rescue dog running the agility course at Crufts, the annual dog show held by the Kennel Club in Birmingham, England.

Kratu is not particularly fast. Kratu is not particularly focused. Kratu doesn’t even know what he’s supposed to be doing, or if he does know, then he is simply not interested in doing it. But Kratu is having what looks like a great time hanging out in this fun tunnel and greeting all these nice people who have come to see Kratu.

Kratu is no stranger to fame, having delivered a similar viral performance at Crufts last year. Handler Tessa Eagle Swan explained in an interview that she rescued Kratu, a Carpathian-Mioritic mix, as a puppy, and that he has since had the honor of becoming an ambassador for rescue dogs and has visited the European Parliament in Brussels. She also calls him “a natural clown” and “quite naughty too.”

Kratu did not win any prizes for his performance this year, but Kratu needs no prizes. Kratu is the great, galumphing champion of our hearts.