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This Classic Key & Peele Sketch Captures What It’s Like to Watch Us

Over the weekend, as the lights went up after showings of Jordan Peele’s Us, millions of moviegoers reluctantly untethered themselves from their cushy cinema seats and cautiously made their way home. While box office reports indicate that the movie took home a bone-chilling $70 million, those reports do not reveal how many nights of sleep were lost. We’re willing to bet it was more than a few.

To celebrate the release of the movie—and the jitters that inevitably linger after it—Key & Peele’s YouTube account reuploaded a sketch befitting the occasion. “Non-Scary Movie” follows two friends (Peele and Keegan-Michael Key) as they leave a movie theater after a horror flick, which they certainly, unquestionably, without a doubt did not find scary whatsoever. “That’s the least scared I ever been, man. It’s like a romantic comedy,” scoffs Key. “It’s like a lullaby, dog,” Peele adds.

Still, it’s probably better that they accompany one another to the car—and, once they arrive, that they check all around it, and under it, and on top of it to, you know, make sure no demons have taken possession of it. While watching this final part of the skit, those who have already seen Us might be reminded of an eerily similar sequence in the film in which Zora also searches around a car, peering underneath to check for her own tethered demon.

The sketch is a clever spoof not only on faux-fearless macho posturing, but also on the ways we all try to ward off the spooks, especially after a movie as scary as Peele’s. In Slate’s highly scientific estimation, Us ranks about a seven on the Scaredy Scale. In other words, a warning for those who have yet to see the film: Wimp or not, you might find yourself compelled to peek under your car on the way out.