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John Oliver Has Not Been Replaced by a Robot (Yet)

Despite what Donald Trump would have you believe, the biggest factor when it comes to American employment is automation, not job theft by Mexico or China or other foreign countries that the president says “you’ve never even heard of.” Although as John Oliver points out, Trump is the same person who reportedly pronounced Nepal and Bhutan as nipple and button, so the list of countries he’s never heard of might be higher than average.

Last Week Tonight brainstormed a few others, including ….

• Barb’s anus (Barbados)
• Urethra (Eritrea)
• Fat Hamster (Guinea)
• Jeremy (Germany)
• The One That Sounds Like a Butt (Djibouti)
• Slim Shady (Marshall Islands)
• Daddy Fat Hamster (Papua New Guinea)

Elsewhere in the segment, Oliver stopped listing fake countries long enough to explain in detail how machines are replacing jobs in some fields, and how that can actually be a good thing (unless you want to kill a lumberjack). He also broke the news to some kids who will probably grow up to do jobs that don’t already exist, like “crypto-baker” or “snail re-hydrater.” Good thing that unlike “mermaid doctor,” the job of “culture blogger” will never be replaced by BEEP BOOP ERROR 404.

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