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The Daily Show’s Desi Lydic Celebrates Women’s History Month With Inspiring Stories of Terrible, Terrible Women

Desi Lydic sits at the anchor desk; the words "Hist-HER-y with Desi Lydic" are superimposed on the image.
“Everyone pays attention to the women who did great things, but no one speaks about women who did bad things.”
Comedy Central

March is Women’s History Month, so The Daily Show’s Senior Gender Issues Correspondent Desi Lydic reported on some of the women whose lives and accomplishments have been overlooked over the years. It’s deeply inspiring when someone digs up these sorts of forgotten (or suppressed) stories, and Lydic comes back with the goods, introducing the Daily Show audience to fierce, funny, flawless, opinionated women like Peggy Shippen, Olympias, Kathryn Kelly, Sheryl Sandberg, and Ching Shih. Watch and be inspired:

It’s not something they teach in school, but throughout history—or hist-HER-y, as Lydic dubs it—there have always been women who were unwilling to comply with society’s expectations, whether that meant resisting the patriarchal pressures that kept women from fully participating in the world; or resisting the patriarchal laws and norms that kept women from fully becoming murderous pirates, working for Facebook, or both. Women lead wonderfully messy lives, especially if they have a habit of violently ending the wonderfully messy lives of other women, and it’s important to pass their stories on so the next generation of girls learn that they can do anything, because nothing is forbidden. As Lydic notes, “Women’s history month isn’t just about breaking the glass ceiling—it’s also about throwing someone through it and getting away with it.” Looking for even more inspiring stories of the amazing things women can do? Check out this tweet from feminist thinktank the United States Department of Defense, in which Brie Larson says “Let’s make girls fly!” as a handy shorthand for “Let’s encourage girls to enlist in the United States military in the hopes of piloting a multimillion dollar killing machine to protect the economic interests of Donald Trump and his friends.”

Women: now more than ever!