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Alan Tudyk, Voice of Nincompoop Rooster in Moana, Will Play Cranky Parrot in Aladdin

Alan Tudyk sits smiling.
The face of a man who knows his strengths.
Rich Polk/Getty Images

Alan Tudyk has appeared in movies, TV series, and Broadway plays, though none of his roles may be ever be as beloved as that of fan favorite Wash on Firefly. Tudyk is also a prolific and talented voice actor, which is probably why Disney just announced that he has been cast as Iago, the part originally played by Gilbert Gottfried, in the upcoming remake of Aladdin.

Tudyk skillfully played another bird brain for Disney as Hei Hei the nincompoop rooster in Moana, so a cranky parrot should be a breeze. (After one recording session of clucks and crows, he noted wryly that he had attended Juilliard.*) Voice acting often allows performers to rack up a more eclectic oeuvre than physical acting does, and as evidence, here are just a few of Tudyk’s other voice-acting credits:

Yet Another Nincompoop Bird
Extinct Cat
Extinct Sloth
Extinct … Uh … Mammal
Wolverine Robot (also motion-capture)
Fussy Robot (also motion-capture)
Hunky Siren
Off-Brand Google
Bootf**ker McGillicutty
Chipmunk’s French Alter Ego Caused by Spider Bite
Debbie the Prostitute
Sinister Tech Guy
Elemental Candyman
Sleazy Candyman
Sleazy Weasel
Sleazy It’s-Pronounced-Wesel
Gay Crush Boat

Forget the Popular Film Award. This is the craft that deserves its own Oscar category.

Correction, March 13, 2019: An earlier version of this post misspelled Juilliard, which Alan Tudyk attended.