Scientists Have Yet to Discover a Shot Zion Williamson Can’t Block

Zion Williamson soars for the block against Virginia.
Zion Williamson eventually floated back down to Earth.
Screengrab via ESPN on Twitter.

The Duke Blue Devils are an NBA team vacationing in the NCAA. They start three freshmen who will likely be top-five picks in the upcoming draft, and their 81-71 victory over no. 3 Virginia on Saturday was yet another example of their monumental talent. While the shooting of wings Cam Reddish and R.J. Barrett gave Duke the win in Charlottesville, there was one play by all-world big man Zion Williamson that demonstrated the insurmountable gulf Duke enjoys between itself and even the best college opponents. It also showed off the gulf Williamson enjoys between himself and the surly bonds of Earth.

In the second half, Virginia swung the ball out to De’Andre Hunter for a seemingly open 3-pointer. Williamson was in the paint when Hunter received the ball, but if this season has taught us anything, it’s that the laws of time and space do not apply to Zion.

Hunter is 6-foot-7 and has a high release point. It didn’t matter. Williamson, meanwhile, is 285 pounds and shouldn’t be able to move like that. To be fair, the space shuttle weighed more than 4 million pounds at launch, so I guess there’s precedent.

Williamson finished with 18 points, 3 blocks, and enough thrust to achieve escape velocity.