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Late Night TV Gives America a Chance to Watch Ralph Northam’s Amazing Press Conference One More Time

Trevor Noah in front of a photo of Ralph Northam.
Things are looking up!
Comedy Central

Sometimes the universe decides that we’ve had enough misery and gives us an amazing moment of perfect comedy, like a billionaire complaining about being called a billionaire, or a governor defending himself from accusations of wearing blackface by holding a press conference to confess to another incident of blackface, then visibly considering doing the moonwalk. When you get a comedy windfall like that, you don’t question it. You simply watch it over and over and over again every chance you get, and when late night shows get around to commenting on it, well, you watch those, too. Here’s Trevor Noah:

Oh wow, that’s some good Ralph Northam. But is it enough Ralph Northam? No, no, it is not. Bring on more Ralph Northam! Here’s Seth Meyers:

Ralph Northam levels? Rising, but still insufficient! But of all the late night hosts, no one skewered Ralph Northam more viciously than newcomer Ralph Northam, who utterly demolished the governor over the course of a hilarious, bumbling monologue:

Now that’s exactly the right amount of Ralph Northam. We’ll be anxiously waiting to never hear anything more from this talented up-and-coming comedian.