Hit Parade

The Bridge: R. Kelly and Music’s #MeToo Reckoning

In this mini episode of Slate’s music history podcast, a conversation about the accusations facing R. Kelly.

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Hit Parade, the music history podcast from Slate, is back with a new episode of the Bridge.

In this monthly mini-episode, host Chris Molanphy reflects on the previous full-length episode of the show, and invites one Slate Plus member to play some music trivia related to an upcoming episode.

This month, Molanphy is joined at the mic by T. J. Raphael, senior producer of the Slate Podcast Network. Together, they discuss the sexual assault allegations facing artist R. Kelly, and whether the #MeToo movement will finally change the music industry.


After a break, Molanphy is joined by one listener for some music trivia related to the next full-length episode of Hit Parade, which is all about Creedence Clearwater Revival. How does it all work? The contestant is asked three trivia questions, and the player also has the opportunity to turn the tables—they get a chance to try to stump Molanphy, a music journalist for the past 25 years, with one trivia question of their own.

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Podcast production by Danielle Hewitt.