Employee of the Month

Live From Sundance Film Festival

Freestyle Love Supreme’s Utkarsh Ambudkar and Late Night’s Nisha Ganatra talk “overnight success” in Hollywood.

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Utkarsh Ambudkar didn’t give away his shot when he turned down Hamilton. The rapper and star of Brittany Runs a Marathon, who currently can be seen in Freestyle Love Supreme’s sold-out off-Broadway run, talks about how Hollywood is finally casting more men of color as romantic leads. Ambudkar is joined by Mindy Project alum and director Nisha Ganatra, who spoke with Catie Lazarus about the role a Vedic astrologer played in her meteoric rise. Ganatra and Mindy Kaling’s feature film Late Night sold for $13 million to Amazon at Sundance, and Ganatra, who is Indian American and gay, is transparent about how Jill Soloway helped pave her way. After Ganatra and Ambudkar rap with Catie Lazarus about resilience to rejection, Ambudkar freestyles with DJ J. Period. This episode of Employee of the Month with Catie Lazarus was recorded live at Sundance Film Festival.

Podcast production by Dana Bialek. Theme song by Lady Rizo.