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Here Is a Video of Anthony Hopkins Telling You to Have a Great Day

Anthony Hopkins on a red carpet.
Anthony Hopkins at the US premiere of Transformers: The Last Knight.
Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Anthony Hopkins’ Twitter account is one of the last good things on the planet. It’s a constant stream of photographs of Anthony Hopkins enjoying things, and it’s also the only place to watch the extraordinary short film Hopkins released last April:

Not only did Hopkins direct and star, he also wrote the score. But on Sunday, Hopkins took things to the next level, tweeting out a video in which he advises everyone to have a great day:

Perhaps today is not a day in which you, personally, would benefit from Anthony Hopkins’ well wishes. (Perhaps it’s a day in which you, personally, would benefit from watching Anthony Hopkins make weird faces over the sounds of his own musical stylings, in which case we refer you to the previous tweet.) But some day, and sooner than you think, you’re going to need a pep talk from an Academy-Award-winner. When that day comes, Anthony Hopkins will be there.

Here are Mr. Hopkins complete comments on the matter of whether or not you should have a great day:

Hey. Happy Sunday everyone! It’s raining out here. I love that. I love the rain in California. And all of you, wherever you are, have a great Sunday. Have a great day. Have great days. Be happy. Thank you.