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Is Congressman Steve King a Racist? Trevor Noah Investigates!

Trevor Noah dressed as a 1940s detective, holding a folder labeled "racism clues."
It’s his toughest case yet. Comedy Central

Everyone loves a good mystery, and this week, The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah tackled one of the most famous unsolved riddles in history: Is Congressman Steve King a racist? It might seem like this puzzle was solved last week, when King, who long displayed a Confederate flag on his desk despite being from Iowa, lamented the fact that people view “white supremacist” as a pejorative term. King’s comments inspired NBC News to let their staffers call them “racist,” and even got the Republican Party—not usually in the habit of speaking out against white supremacy—to strip King of his committee assignments. But was there more to this story? Trevor Noah tried to crack the case:

They say there’s no such thing as the perfect murder, but it looks like Steve King might have crafted the perfect racism, because Noah was completely stumped. This is why even the most hard-boiled private eyes usually start off with something easier, like divorce cases or tracking down D.B. Cooper. Speaking of, does anyone know where Steve King was in November of 1971?