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Watch Steve Martin Play Roger Stone on Saturday Night Live

Steve Martin as Roger Stone.
The Jerk.

It’s kind of weird that the United States has an entire television network dedicated to spreading white supremacist propaganda to its dumbest and oldest residents. But boy, do we ever! So once again, Saturday Night Live took their best shot at Fox News, in a segment featuring Alex Moffat as Tucker Carlson, Cecily Strong as Jeanine Pirro, Kate McKinnon as Wilbur Ross, and none other than Steve Martin as the newly-indicted Roger Stone. Check it out:

As a long-time critic of SNL’s reliance on celebrity cameos in their cold opens, I owe the show and everyone who works on it an apology. Cast Steve Martin in anything and everything! Have him play Michael Pence. Let’s see his best Donald Trump. Ask him what he thinks it would look like if Emma Stone auditioned for Brando’s part in The Godfather. He doesn’t make movies that often any more, so put him on camera, keep him on camera, and help America heal.

As for the non-Steve-Martin related parts of this sketch, Strong’s Pirro is spot on as always, and so is Moffat’s Carlson. But as per usual, the NBC version of the poison Fox News is pumping into people’s brains is watered down to homeopathic levels. For reference purposes only, here’s Tucker Carlson’s segment from Friday, in which he refers to the FBI Robert Mueller’s “domestic army”:

And here’s Stone’s actual interview:

And, of course, here’s Judge Jeanine Pirro on the end of the government shutdown, in a segment titled—and I’m not kidding about this—“Trump tries to make decisions that are best for you and me.”:

That pleasant sensation you’re feeling is not optimism about the future of the country, delight at Saturday Night Live’s wacky take on life in contemporary America, or even schadenfreude at the thought of the Fox News audience betting their kids’ inheritance on the Iraqi Dinar. You’re experiencing the telltale euphoria that accompanies cerebral hypoxia, so either look away from Fox News until the normal flow of oxygen to your brain resumes, or, you know, put down your computer, turn your TV to Fox News, and go with a smile.