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Seth Meyers Secures Exclusive Access to the Tiny Voice in Trump’s Head

Under President Trump, late-night hosts have become not only comedic political critics but also fact checkers. Now, Seth Meyers is taking viewers to a place no one has gone before, a place whose mere existence some have questioned: Donald Trump’s brain. Specifically, that little voice in his head.

“Thanks to newly developed technology, we here at Late Night now have the ability to record the tiny voice that is inside Donald Trump’s head, and you might be surprised to know that like anyone’s inner voice, Donald Trump’s is filled with paralyzing fear and self-doubt,” Meyers joked.

The first stop on the tiny voice tour? A border security meeting in which the tiny voice takes Trump’s thoughts away from the wall, and asks him to think about more important things. Such as Jackson County Sheriff A.J. “Andy” Louderback’s cowboy hat. “All you can think about is this guy’s cool hat and how come you don’t have one,” the voice says, probably accurately.

Down at the border, the tiny voice speaks on behalf of all Americans: “Hey Donald, it’s the tiny voice in the back of your head. I know today is about border security, but don’t you think you should say something about Ted Cruz’s beard? Ted Cruz’s beard is a threat to all Americans. It is such a bad beard. It looks as though he put glue on his face and rolled around on a barber-shop floor. It looks like Wolverine if he didn’t have any powers.”

Watch the rest of the clip to hear the tiny voice’s take on who Ivanka Trump should be married to, and on Trump’s confusion while signing the revised North American trade pact.