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This Seth Meyers Segment Has a Picture of Roger Stone Flying Around in an Autogyro

Roger Stone in an autogyro.
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Nixon-era dirty trickster! NBC

A lot has happened since Seth Meyers last took a closer look at our rapidly imploding country: Roger Stone was indicted, Trump ended the government shutdown with no money for his wall, and Howard Schultz started doing whatever the hell it is Howard Schultz is doing. Most importantly of all, however, an artist for Late Night With Seth Meyers took a picture of Roger Stone in a top hat and photoshopped him into an autogyro. Take a look:


This is the greatest autogyro content since The 39 Steps, and we salute everyone at Late Night With Seth Meyers for reintroducing the autogyro into late night television. We can only hope that other hosts will follow Mr. Meyers’ example and transition to an all-autogyro format as quickly as possible. Here’s the rest of Meyers’ roast of Stone’s wardrobe:

Did Quentin Tarantino remake Lincoln?

I didn’t know Downton Abbey had a pimp.

If he weren’t a political consultant he’d be the world’s oldest chimney sweep.

He looks like he got kicked out of the Magic Castle for vaping.

Mueller arrested him on seven counts of perjury and five counts of looking like Teddy Roosevelt’s deadbeat dad.

These look like headshots from the poster of a one-man show called My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish and I’m in Jail!

Stone doesn’t remember [Watergate] because he spent most of the seventies travelling in a glass elevator he stole from Willie Wonka.

It’s not quite as funny as the great shoe roast of 2015, but on the other hand, it has an autogyro.