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Marie Kondo Teaches Pack Rat Jimmy Kimmel How to Get Organized

Marie Kondo and Jimmy Kimmel are a pairing straight out of The Odd Couple. She is a world-renowned organizational expert with her own Netflix show. He is a late-night host who loses a pair of pants in his own office. Stick them in a room and watch their personalities clash, as they do in the above clip when Kondo pays a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! for some much-needed tidying up.

OK, so “clash” might be a strong word, given that Kondo has the patience to smile and nod politely through Kimmel rapping “The Rain” for an agonizingly long minute. But the two are clearly very different people as they wade through Kimmel’s mess. “Express my gratitude … to the socks?” asks Kimmel, sounding skeptical. “Is that a cockroach?” wonders Kondo after uncovering something unsavory under a pile of junk. In between similar revelations and discoveries, the segment also gives Kondo chance to address the silly, overblown rumor that she believes you should throw away all but 30 of your books.

Kimmel isn’t the only late-night host to benefit (temporarily, in his case) from Kondo’s assistance. During the first wave of the KonMari craze in 2016, she gave Ellen DeGeneres and Ellie Kemper a folding lesson and a physical demonstration of what it means to “spark joy.”

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