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Watch Lady Gaga Bring Bradley Cooper Onstage to Perform “Shallow” Live in Las Vegas

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in formalwear.
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Turner

A Star Is Born has now been filmed four times over a span of more than eight decades, with each version wrestling with a completely new social, political, cultural, and economic landscape. But if there’s one message all the various Star Is Borns have in common, it’s this: Never, ever, and under no circumstances invite anyone up on stage with you. Best case scenario, they’ll be drunk and embarrass you both; worst case, they’ll be great, and their subsequent success will—spoiler alert!—eventually be a contributing factor in your suicide. Lady Gaga should know this better than anyone, but she threw caution to the wind at her Las Vegas residency at the Park MGM over the weekend and invited Bradley Cooper onstage for a live performance of “Shallow,” from the Star Is Born soundtrack. Check it out:

This was the duo’s first live performance of the Academy-Award-nominated song, which they’ll also be singing at the Oscars. Unfortunately, A Star Is Born offers a roadmap to interpreting this video, and it’s bad news for the “Bad Romance” singer: Given the audience’s reaction when Cooper takes the stage (and the fact that he made it off without pissing himself Jackson-Maine-style), it seems like he’s cast himself as Ally. Lady Gaga should exclude herself from the narrative of Bradley Cooper’s music career immediately, or in a few years, he might be defiantly introducing himself as “Mr. Lady Gaga.”