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Pete Davidson and John Mulaney Explain Why Clint Eastwood’s The Mule Is Completely Bananas

John Mulaney and Pete Davidson sitting behind the Weekend Update desk.
One of these men has it in for Andy Garcia. NBC

Sometimes you see a movie that is so inexplicable and baffling that its very existence haunts you for days, months, or even the rest of your life. For Pete Davidson and John Mulaney, Clint Eastwood’s The Mule, in which Eastwood plays a 90-year-old drug mule, is one of those movies. They stopped by “Weekend Update” to explain why:


This week’s Saturday Night Live marks Pete Davidson’s return after a suicide scare the day of the show’s last broadcast in December. On that last show, he announced one of Miley Cyrus’ sets as a sort of proof-of-life but otherwise was only in a pre-taped sketch. It is fantastic to see him back, full stop.

And it is also fantastic to see him back in top form. Davidson has a great rapport with John Mulaney, who it’s also fantastic to see back on SNL, as long as we’re going around saying things are fantastic. There is nothing funnier than listening to people who have just encountered a bananas work of art excitedly explain what delights them about it, and there was plenty in The Mule to delight Mulaney and Davidson. It’s not bad as film criticism either: The comedians’ theory that the film is “a superhero movie for old people” holds up, especially in light of this evidence:

Pete Davidson: 90-year-old Clint Eastwood has two threesomes in this movie.

John Mulaney: And he directed it!

PD: Two! Two! I don’t think you guys understand. I’ve had one, I guess you’ve probably had none, right?

JM: You are correct, sir. But! According to The Mule, I have a solid 54 years before that window closes!

Harsh words. But don’t expect Eastwood to return fire: If there’s an underlying message to all of his films, it’s that old people should turn the other cheek whenever youngsters are disrespectful.