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Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers Make 15 Years Worth of Apologies on Late Night

The new year is a time for resolutions, for gym memberships, and for old friends to make amends and clear the air. That’s why Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg and Late Night host Seth Meyers came together to admit to and apologize for things they’ve done to one another over the course of their 15-year friendship.

From nude drawings to car rides to the airport, the pair sat face to face, apologizing for increasingly absurd affronts without cracking a smile. This included an apology for a unanswered text, with Meyers saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your last text message. I’ve just been very busy with family stuff, especially now with the new baby.”

“Is that the one your wife birthed out on your lobby floor?” Samberg quipped. “So, your best friend of 15 years is taking a backseat to the lobby baby?”

Watch the full clip above.