The TV Club, 2018

Entry 17: The end.

Jim Carrey in Kidding.
Kidding. Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Showtime.

Todd, Sonia, Tara, TV,

We have arrived at the end—not, obviously, of television, but of our allotted time for talking about television. We got to a lot, but we did not, obviously, get to everything. I’m sorry, Insecure, Tara is right! You’re really good, and we should have talked about you more. Meanwhile, I think it’s a good sign that we basically failed to mention a bunch of TV shows headlined by movie stars, like Jim Carrey’s saddest-com Kidding and Sean Penn’s astronaut snoozefest The First. It’s not enough just to be really famous these days—your TV show also has to be interesting. That’s a great benchmark to clear.


I’ll tell you the truth, of all the TV Clubs I have participated in, none has ever been quite so discontent and cranky as this one. I kind of loved it, and not just because I enjoy a bad attitude (if you’re a good person with a bad attitude, come sit by me. We can snark). I loved it because I think that it’s an honest reflection of the year in television. Part of loving something, even if that something is TV, is calling it out when it can do and be better. High standards are a sign of respect. I hope the quality of next year’s TV will restore us all to our shiny, optimistic, TV-celebrating selves—if it doesn’t, meet you back here to talk about it all.

Yours in television,


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