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Trevor Noah: “If You Put Trump in a Prison Jump Suit, It’ll Just Look Like He’s Naked”

Trevor Noah in front of a Photoshopped image of Trump in a prison jumpsuit.
No! Nooooooooooooo! Comedy Central

One of the defining characteristics of the era is a sense of nagging unease that Donald Trump might somehow get away with what he’s done, via legal trickery or misguided efforts to spare the country any more pain. Leave it to Trevor Noah to remind us that sending Trump to prison would inflict serious psychic scars on not just the country, but the entire universe, since it will be impossible to tell the difference between Trump in a bright orange prison jumpsuit and bright orange Trump in a birthday jumpsuit:

The Geneva Convention has barred collective punishment, which means it’s going to be nearly impossible for government officials to bring Trump to any kind of justice without ending up in the Hague for Nude Orange Trump Crimes against the rest of humanity. Nude Orange Trump checkmate, libs!